112th anniversary of item dating

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There's something about physically not being in your house, around your dog/kids, that immediately releases you from responsibility. If you are a music fiend like me, you pour over ticketing websites at the beginning of the month to see who is bringing their tour to our city.

Without further adieu, I bring you our monthly concert guide so you won't miss your favorite artist when they come into town.

" Students here can learn the skills they need to set themselves up for success.

We're guaranteed to miss some, so definitely email us [email protected] She was scheduled to play the main stage at Bumbershoot today, Friday, August 30, 2019.

com if there is something wonderful we need to know about! We write a TON about staycations, whether it's here in Seattle, on the Eastside, down in Olympia, or somewhere semi-close.

Obviously I had to shorten and consolidate this list for the sake of saving time (although I could spend my whole work day just plotting out which concerts to go to) so please let me know what I have missed!

Seattle Goodwillhas everything families need to put together entire outfits - for less than the cost of a single item at a major department store!

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