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She often starts by apologizing that she hasn’t been able to call me back, and says she’s been busy.This issue has bothered me for a long time, because I feel like she’s lying to me about “being busy” as the reason for her not phoning.I have often thought that my calls are being avoided on purpose, which would suggest that she doesn’t want to hear from me.Yet, I am not sure, as when she phones me, we talk for hours.I like flirting with you but have been receiving mixed messages lately.I can’t tell whether or not you want to take things to the next level. ” A few difficult conversation basics: • Being vulnerable at the beginning of any difficult conversation softens what the other person hears from you.

Now, the situation seems to have reverted back to me getting the answering machine all the time.

He said he needed time and that he is not ready for a relationship so I did not contact him for three weeks but then we began to text/flirt daily.

We definitely like each other, but his ex came back into the picture.

No doubt this has liberated me from unnecessary heartache and allowed me to wait until the man of my dreams appeared. Once you settle on your vision of relationship happiness consider if the man you are texting can give you what you need.

A few harsh truths about dating men I learned the hard way: 1. When he does not want you (for any number of reasons) his lack of obviously wanting you is the biggest clue of his being uninterested. Most men are hungry to flirt and will do it no matter how uninterested they are in romance. Passively waiting around for him, giving him space, does nothing to increase his interest.

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