6th grade dating

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Be polite and considerate, but don't do anything that isn't "you." That way, you don't have to deal with the stress of pretending to be someone you aren't.Sixth grade is a time when many young people start to experience the temptation of alcohol, drugs and premarital sex while out on dates.If you like something unusual, such as cross-stitching, don't hide it from your date.If you don't think something your date says is funny, don't laugh at it.

Don't let your date pressure you to do something for which you are not ready.Get comfortable saying "no" in an authoritative voice.Don't worry that your date will spread rumors about you at school or that you'll feel like a prude.Dating in sixth grade is not much different from dating as an adult -- you need to be yourself, be confident and be considerate of your dates' needs and preferences.Because you're still a long way from adulthood, however, following a few dating tips for sixth-graders can help you gain dating experience and a sense of ease with the opposite sex.

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