Adult fiirting only dating committment

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) is that Shaunti took the time to write women a quick note inside the men's book, and it basically shares that we process the information we are learning in different ways, and while many women will learn something and then talk to their spouse about it as a way to better-understand what they are reading, men do the opposite - they like to think about what they are reading until they understand it, and THEN they will talk about it.Knowing that made reading and discussing the book easier for me, because I didn't take my husband's quietness as non-interest.Together at Last Now these classics have been updated with insights from the latest brain research and with additional data.

This innovative approach yields candid and surprising answers that reveal what you don’t “get” about your significant other—answers that person deeply wishes you knew.

The books were written and based on input that was gathered by the authors from over 1000 surveys (each).

We tend to make assumptions, and sometimes what we believe is actually far from reality.

Also, there are plenty of times when a women wants to have sex and a man doesn't.

The chapter said that when a wife says no, it causes her husband depression, hurts his self confidence, it will effect his work, etc. This book just reminded me of how I imagine men and women acted in marriages in the 1950's and I really don't think anyone my age would find it useful or helpful.

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