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Each chapter is full of realistic, Biblical ideas immediately applicable to college life.It also includes helpful questions for personal or small group study and a concluding summary of the chapter, as well as many interesting factoids and questions and answers.I’m not trying to scare or guilt trip you, but it’s the truth.

My passion lies within stories and how they unfold.If every Christian student read and applied this book, the world would be so different in a decade! Will my teens’ faith be strong enough to withstand the tests of college?So instead, we should consider Godly dating as intentionally getting to know someone of the opposite sex so that we can eventually marry and fulfill God’s created order.Otherwise, when we take this modern dating creation and use it as a means to ask for illegitimate privileges, we are taking away from the gift of marriage that God has given to us. I am 21 years old and am currently studying Narrative and Theater at the University of Southern California.

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