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Although I will concede (sadly) there doesn't appear to be much going on in those tighty whities.Mohr has always been a douchebag , but I remember his speedo pool scene in that Mafia !movie spoof (like Naked Gun/Airplane)Charles Rocket Charles Rocket, Actor: Dumb & Dumber.Charles Rocket was born on August 24, 1949 in Bangor, Maine, USA as Charles Adams Claverie. was briefly in the cast,so he'd probably be my first pick.I have to go with Chevy Chase, even though he is reportedly unbearable dickish in person. Fully prepared for the hate, but I'm going to select Jay Mohr. Which of the Not-Ready-for-Primetime Players does it for you?Randy Newman took up at least half of the show, which was fine if you wanted to watch a Randy Newman concert, but I didn't. Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams served no purpose at all. His lips- and something sexy about his glassy, reddened, dark circled eyes. Also, his cocky superior I don't give a fuck attitude is hot.

(A note on Davidson- I've seen pictures of both his supposed biological parents. I don't know football at all, but he was a fuckin' stud and a half when he hosted. I never saw the Louise Lasser episode, which people say was the worst episode ever, so to me, the Mardi Gras episode was the worst episode ever. There was no parade and the guests and skits were awful. I had praised the show to her, so she finally saw it. He always looked like one of the kids in the audience. Before he died of cancer in 2012, he wrote one of the best SNL memoirs, the excellently titled 39 Years of Short-Term Memory Loss.[quote]Pete Davidson- Not at all conventionally hot, but there IS something about him.

He majored in experimental film, where he starred as "Monkey" in the music video for James Kochalka's song "Monkey vs. Before joining the late night comedy show SNL, Andy Samberg was a You Tube and Internet star.

He first began making comedy videos with his two friends Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone.

But some performers take more time than others to actually break out in a sketch — if they get the chance to break out at all.

This year, new SNL addition Jon Ru I have a good relationship with my dad, and since he and Chevy Chase look like they could be related, I have a soft spot for ol' Chevy, no matter what people say about him personally. Of course, Robert Downey, Jr and Anthony Michael Hall were hot on their season.

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