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EDIT: I just think that people really should stop seriously believing in the narrative that SGU is actually just a fancier version of Udyr's base skin and it's gatekeeping Udyr from getting a VGU. It's still different from base Udyr, though not that much (you can even interpret the skin as Udyr when he was a monk training at the Ionian temple).Also, based on the recent lore piece [Silence for the Damned] (, it seems that Riot is happy with his current lore and character design and when he eventually gets a VGU his character will probably be further developed instead of changed completely - similar to Pantheon.Or, they could just retcon his lore like they have with every other major update.The argument that SGU (which I own) cannot be the default skin is crazy.What you decide to do with them is up to you, allowing you to leverage the full power of Unity’s animation system.This page won’t cover how to create your animations, or how to setup your animator.I'm absolutely blown away that they opted to charge , or whatever it cost, instead of making it part of a visual update.One option, however ludicrous, is they just swap the pricing of Definitely Not Udyr and Spirit Guard Udyr, so that SGU’s price is no longer out of touch with his visuals, and DNU becomes the new ultimate skin because he is a walking meme. Honest question, I haven't played Udyr since I used to spam him in about S4 or something, exclusively playing Phoenix.

Spirit Guard Udyr = A fantasy in which Udyr completed his training in Ionia and gained complete mastery over the 4 sacred Ionian spirits.On a more serious note, I don't think the VGU's are aimed at dated/simplistic kits, but rather, dated/simplistic kits that are hard to balance.The Top Down Engine includes a lot of demo characters, and they all come with a number of animations.Changes looked pretty nice, but I'm pretty out of touch with the champ.Was it just that it was a Tiger nerf that you didn't like?

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