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One of the biggest struggles was about a year and a half before we got married my wife felt that it was very important we stop having sex until we get married….

Yeah ouch we had been together for like 7 years at that point but ok it was very difficult but I truly can say worth it… I’m an agnostic atheist and I’m currently in a year and almost a half relationship with a pretty heavy (in regards to religion not weight) Christian girl. A majority of the conflicts in the relationship don’t stem from the religion, though.

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Like because I’m an atheist and she’s a christian, I’m invading Christian property, and so it’s immoral to be with her. I was serving one time and their family came in – they know full well I’m an atheist – and they leave one of those cheesy ass Jesus business cards or whatever with a bible quote.

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She always wears a cross and there is miscellaneous religious apparel throughout our house. You want a happy story well I have one, my wife is a Christian and I love her with all my heart.

It’s not a point of contention because that’s not why we love each other.

It’s also not a point of contention because we are both fairly patient types, and don’t take any remote pleasure in tearing the other person down for any reason. I’m not entirely sure how that will go, but so far we both are comfortable with just answering any of his or her questions honestly and not trying to convince the child, and allow him or her to make that decision of belief or disbelief on their own.

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