Autocad xref layer color not updating

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It is in the best interest of the drafter to create the layer states here in the Model file because there will be fewer of them and they will be more easily updated.If layer states are created in the Model Tab, that is fine but you will not be able to apply multiple layer states to viewports without continuously globally rearranging your layer states.What actually happened was a lot of Christmas shopping, followed by a number of excursions.Proclaimed as the birthplace of the Tacky Christmas Light Tour, I had a chance to visit the many tacky homes in and around Richmond, VA.They will probably be a little messy, that’s ok too.These two viewports will need to be set up differently and I can create a layer state in the Model File to do that. In the Model File, I will create a layout tab also.Since they all say Xref under Space, look to the description (see image above).

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Now, jumping back over to the Sheet File, be sure to activate the viewport in the layout before applying the layer state.

For example, both an electrician and a plumber might add an architect’s plans to their drawing as an xref.

Follow these steps to attach an xref: Draw and edit faster and easier with these top 25 productivity tips every Auto CAD user should know.

Most of the time, if the layer state was made correctly in the Model File but applied incorrectly in the sheet file, nothing will happen.

If applied correctly in the Sheet File, the individual viewports will have the ability to look different from one another.

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