Blender grinder dating site

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Unique double walled cooling jug The unique double walled cooling jug makes preparing your own homemade slushy very easy and can keep your smoothie cool for several hours.

and I'm not talking about sugar-free carbonated soft drinks.

Two 400 ml jugs The Princess Mini Blender is small and powerful thanks to the 300 Watt motor.

The Mini Blender is so small it will fit easily in your smallest kitchen cabinet, but you do not want to store it once you discover its versatility.

The Mini Blender also comes with a closed lid so you can store smoothies, dips and sauces airtight in the refrigerator.

Don't just use Bender at home, wherever you go in the world, you can change your location and check out the local scene, it's used in over 160 countries and growing.

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