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In 1897, he was elected mayor of Boise on a non-partisan ticket, and was elected again in 1901.

In a day when municipal corruption was rampant in the U.

It has been a hundred years since Moses Alexander of Boise vaulted to the Idaho Statehouse.

A German-speaking native of Bavaria, he was the first elected (practicing) Jewish governor in the United Sates.

He studied English, history and government at night, married, and started a family.

He was elected to the Chillicothe City Council in 1886 and was elected mayor of Chillicothe in 1887.

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Republicans, too, were divided between the “progressives,” led by Senator William Borah, and the more conservative “regular” Republicans. Haines, a successful Boise realtor and, like Alexander, a former mayor of Boise, was aligned with the regulars.In 1912, four parties vied for power in Idaho and across the U. Nationally, the 1912 Republican presidential candidate was incumbent President William Howard Taft.He lost to Democrat Woodrow Wilson in an election in which former Republican President Theodore Roosevelt ran as the Progressive (“Bull Moose”) Party candidate and Eugene Debs made a serious presidential run on the Socialist Party ticket.S., he established a reputation for clean government and, in the words of historian David Lester Crowder, “Moses Alexander…moved Boise into the Progressive Era.” Alexander was an active Democrat in state politics. Senator from Idaho), and a somewhat more conservative faction led by prominent Boise attorney James H. Alexander strongly opposed Dubois’ anti-Mormon policies and was actively aligned with the Nugent progressive faction.

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