Break from dating

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It's the "reason why" part of the process that gets a little tricky. That's the part that saves the person from going crazy over-analyzing the cumulative 10 hours you spent together and trying to figure out what in the world he did wrong. So I made a list of 12 perfectly valid "reasons why" to go along with the "I can't do this" portion of your breakup.I'm not a big fan of lying; I think it's bad karma.Can taking a relationship break make you appreciate each other again? One writer’s own relationship break changed her views. Time apart may refresh romance but it won’t change the fundamentals of a relationship – shared values, interest and respect.Here’s why it worked for her – and when it doesn’t Whenever I heard someone say they were taking a break from their relationship, I used to roll my eyes. I thought that taking a break could mean only one of two things: either they want to see other people without sacrificing the cosiness of a committed relationship or they know they’re wildly unsuited but neither is brave enough to go it alone. Eighteen months ago I met a wonderful man, 10 years older than me.

Saying that you don't think you're right for him is basically a nicer (and still valid) way of saying you don't think he's right for you.The "telling him you're done" part is easy and self-explanatory.You say just any variation of "I can't do this anymore" via text, phone call, or in-person conversation (yikes).Every interaction with him is driving you absolutely insane, and you're not sure if you're totally done with him, but you are sure you need a break from this emotional roller coaster. First of all, it's flattering that you liked him so much that it's driven you crazy. This one's a little harder to muster up the courage to do, but I'd say it's arguably the nicest way out of them all.If the reason you're over it is something he did and not something on your end, be straight up with him. Let him know you didn't like how he handled meeting your friends for the first time, so next time he meets a girl's friends for the first time, he'll know to be a little more friendly.

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