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The closest thing to a deviation from the formula here is "I Could Be Anything", a beer-kegger polka (with accordion!

) about a dragon-slaying hero, which seems like it's heading toward a narrative twist but never comes up with one.

She does not only focus on doing metal covers but also covers some orchestral compositions of classical style which makes her a very versatile singer.

She also covers musical tracks that are not available in the music sheets provided.

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Her channel has garnered over 80 million views and she has the subscriber number of 300 thousand owing to her incredible singing talents and skills that she portrays through several of her videos.Imagine that you had made a great, enduring piece of art with a couple of your friends when you were barely out of your teens.Now imagine that it's more than 30 years later, you no longer have anything in common with your former comrades, and all anybody wants to hear from you is that one glorious burst of hormonal fury you came up with as alienated kids.A less charitable perspective is that it's a pale Silly Putty copy of , with the vocal and instrumental tone reprised precisely from 33 years ago.It touches on all of the Femmes' familiar themes: masturbation ("Foothills"), Christian awe ("Holy Ghost"), lady troubles ("Big Car", which starts as leaden double-entendre and becomes a leaden murder ballad in its final line).

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