Business dating speed

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Through a direct link to the global life science database Biotechgate with 50,000 companies worldwide, company data can be imported from this source or a previous conference.

With Hello Partnering you can start with completed company profiles of your participants. Hello Partnering is currently optimized for life sciences conferences but can be easily adapted to any industry.

In order to provide a full picture of the industry for the first timer, ERA Europe will bring together a balanced mix of product suppliers, distributors and service providers to meet the first timers.

An integrated messenger allows participants to accept or decline requests and to communicate with other delegates.

Following the great success in Budapest in 2019, there will again be a First Timer Speed Business Dating Event on the first morning of the conference to support companies that are new to our industry or are attending our conference for the first time.

The idea is that new companies can meet representatives from key industry players attending this event to gain a first foothold and to make valuable contacts.

Hello Partnering integrates the delegate's agenda and the conference program on one page.

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