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Below I have listed the benefits of practicing blowing bubbles and the varied teaching opportunities it provides.Use bubbles to teach requesting (“bubbles” & “Open”): if children have a strong motivation to “do” bubbles you can use bubbles to teach the child to request “bubbles”.Alternatively, blowing will also help your child to round their lips (facilitates sounds w/o/oo). Use bubbles to increase sound production: be as creative as you want! Make it a fun activity so your child will be motivated to imitate your actions and sounds.Use bubbles to teach turn taking: bubbles can be blown jointly, taking turns.

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Oftentimes, we use easy automatic bubble machines/guns that provide our children with hundreds of bubbles per minute.

Our kids will enthusiastically engage in the bubble blowing but will probably learn little from this activity.

I want to suggest in this article that we go back to the traditional way for blowing bubbles, and I’ll briefly explain the benefits it has for our children, especially those that have difficulty asking for things they want and those children who are not verbal and do no emit sufficient sounds.

This is an important skill that can be taught when blowing bubbles and that will help your child to engage in more sophisticated turn taking activities; i.e. In addition, it can be used to teach the pronouns “my/your” by practicing appropriate use of “my/your turn” statements.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, a summer school of the arts located on a 1,600 acre campus in Michigan’s Manistee National Forest, offers fine arts education for all ages.

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