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" data-reactid="148"Sarfraz [Manzoor] and I have been friends for a long time.I had been a massive Bruce fan and I read an interview that he did with him in the paper and I was like, “Oh, there's another Asian who likes Bruce! He said to me he was going to write a memoir, and I said it was great and I knew how to turn it into a film but it's different to this.Yes, I gave him a lesson on Robert Mc Kay's three-act structure as Sarfraz was really good at details and the dialogue, you know, but he couldn't do structure because that comes with experience and being a journalist, it's a different thing.So I took over and started working on the structure of it and started blending the lyrics into the script and making it feel like a cinema movie.GC: God has given me a voice, a platform and I have communication skills.And I very strongly felt I needed to do something about what was going on and what I was seeing so I picked up the script.

" data-reactid="71"So the film was a way of showing your civil responsibility?I can imagine it was as tough to film those scenes as to watch All those actors were very nervous about it. I had to give them a big pep talk and explain what you are doing is important for the story. There were places where we needed to paint swastikas and my own art director refused to do it. I'm sorry, I just can't do it.” And I said, “Oh bloody hell give me the can, I'll do it.” So I started painting the swastikas along with Kulvinder [Ghir], who said, 'I'll do it, I lived through all this!When we were shooting the big [NF] march scene, there were a lot of extras in that and people were shocked. So me and him were the ones who put NF everywhere, whenever we needed it because the English crew couldn't.In the memoir, he is protecting his mother and father and protecting his family because he doesn't want to demonise them, so it’s taken all of the drama out.I knew we needed to introduce it and also I said I needed to give him a girlfriend to make him a bit cooler so he's not just a stalking geek of Springsteen! " data-reactid="171"And you wrote the script together too?

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