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He goes on to say that other actors like 'Mike' Mohan and Ramarajan are probably still waiting to be called for a shoot.

And then he says that Ramarajan must still have a cow at home and that he doesn't mean his wife Nalini.

Within a few days, social media was full of screenshots from the show which suggested that much of the comedy was sexist in nature.

There is an extended joke on Sunny Leone which has the comedian concluding that she's truly 'brave' to go naked at her job - but not before he has elaborately spoken about how he and several men in the audience have masturbated to Sunny Leone clips.

As an aside, the appropriation of Sunny Leone by men wanting to prove their feminism would make a good topic for a Ph D dissertation.

Although insinuations were made about male and female celebrities, it was the women concerned who faced the brunt of it.

Singer Chinmayi, for instance, was hounded relentlessly on social media by men asking for her "rate".

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