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I remember the bldg well, I think it was the largest bldg in the town at the time. Unfortunately when I lived in Seaside, I was well under 21 so I never did get to see top entertainment there when it was a regular gig for top bands.

In fact I think it may have closed in the sixties, because there never seem to be too much activity around the bldg from what I remember, I was just a kid in the 60.s I left there just before turning 12 years old. In fact the remember seeing on the billboard one time when I was a kid that the Beau Brummels were going to be there.

If you are interested in taking on this task you can repond via email( [email protected]) or talk to Lew, or Jonnie B or John M or Wayne. Seaside was my second home..lived in our shore house on Webster Ave all summer right next to the Sonny's and Ricky's warehouse/garage. When did the band break up and do you keep in touch with anybody from the band?My brohers and I would go to the cold storage for yoo hoo, ice and bait to go crabbing. I posted a reply but made a mistake with my email address Hopefully you can find the original and email me your answer. Joan I had said that I went with Carmine for a couple years around 1961 or so. Glad to hear he’s happily married and hopefully still enjoying life.I spent the summer of 69 at the bar, my sister-in-laws uncle owned the place and in the summer they lived above the bar, great fun and cause I was only 16 had to keep a close eye on me. Phil Humphrey and The Fendermen (Mule Skinner Blues)were his bar band for several summers in the 60s. I really enjoyed going to your uncle's bar when I was stationed at Ft. A bunch of us use to make the trip at night just to see Phil Humphrey and The Fenderman perform, especially there hit song Mule Skinner Blues.Best bands around played there, even had go-go dancers in cages above the one bar in front. It had 2 bandstands and the bathrooms were in the basement. I went down to the bathroom and when I came back up the stairs, there were about 6 women sitting at the bar. when one band took a break on one stage the other band took over on the second stage. When they closed at night, we would go over the bridge to Toms River and go to the Rusty Nail to drink. The Beachcomber was on the ocean side next to Funtown, The Chatterbox was on the street side a few stands north of the Beachcomber and the Parrot Club was at the Casino Pier end. I loved that song then but listening to it now I ask myself why.

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