Chemical plants consolidating

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The Jiangsu provincial government plans to shut down as many as 30 industrial parks that house chemical plants and close thousands of companies, according to media reports.

Jiangsu is one of the largest bases for chemical industries in China.

These are some of the questions explored in our 2019 Global chemical industry mergers and acquisitions outlook.

However, the M&A activity in the global chemical industry has continued to flourish, even in uncertain times and could continue to provide a robust market for growth.Through careful, consistent observation of the businesses we follow and the environments in which they compete, the Diamond Hill research team strives to build a cumulative knowledge base over time.This knowledge, coupled with our intrinsic value philosophy, enables us to uncover attractive investment opportunities.Photo: ICChina's chemical industry is expected to face tough regulation from both central and local governments that will likely lead to closures of many small plants and prompt consolidation within the industry, after a pair of deadly explosions at chemical plants last month.Authorities have moved swiftly in recent days to take remedial measures aimed at eliminating safety risks, including special safety inspections and the closure of some companies and even entire industrial parks.

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