Christian friends before dating

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This “just friends” commitment-avoiding status produces some measure of intimacy and provides some emotional benefits that typically come with marriage—but without the responsibility marriage requires.We’ve heard of married persons having “emotional affairs” (i.e., extramarital emotional attachments with the opposite sex without physical involvement), but this can happen with single persons as well.In such settings, it’s quite clear one marries into a —something many Westerners could stand to learn.Disney movies and novels commonly portray two autonomous individuals who “fall in love” and then forge their future together, often against all odds and objections.But a consistent pairing off between a man and woman is a different situation.

This approach reverses the proper order of things, which should involve getting to know someone and building a friendship before engaging in physical expressions of affection that should be reserved for committed relationships.This pattern tends to ignore the shaping influence of the family and the family’s (often) constructive role in giving input about a prospective spouse.Furthermore, a dating culture, which is becoming increasingly sexualized, does not first focus on establishing friendship and the exploration and discovery of solid character, habits of faithfulness, the ability to resolve conflict, and other factors that contribute to stable marriages.Women tend to be more relational than men and so are more inclined toward deepening the relationship and moving toward marital commitment.Thus they are more likely to be disappointed when the friendship doesn’t “go” anywhere.

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