Cincinnati democrats dating

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But they will nonetheless always have a shot to win because of Trump's ability to unite the opposition while limiting his potential to convert voters who aren't already with him.

Some would argue that he played the same strategy in 2016.

The fight expanded as other party members started sniping at each other and got so bad that on Friday night, the official Twitter feed of the House Democrats went after AOC's chief of staff.It's certainly true that things could play out the same way in 2020. In 2016, because Trump was not given a chance of winning, the threat didn't seem real enough and so it's possible that this depressed turnout.The element of surprise will not be a factor next time around.House Democrats spent last week in a bitter public war of words that deepened the fissures between leadership, traditional liberals, and the prominent young socialist wing of the party.But over the weekend, President Trump threw his opponents a life raft by uncorking a series of racist tweets that created an opportunity for Democrats to unify.

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