Clean sober dating

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Keep in mind there are benefits and drawbacks with dating either kind of person.

People in recovery can understand and empathize with your trouble.

By that point, you’ll have overcome most of the issues that plagued you during addiction like emotional triggers and drug cravings.

You’ll also be less likely to use your new relationship as a stand-in for your addiction.

But it’s possible that you could encourage one another to relapse.

Dating people with no history of addiction isn’t easy either because there’s a higher chance you’ll end up in scenarios with alcohol or drugs.

You are just now getting your life back on track, sobriety isn’t an easy transition.

As you begin to date, the first thing you need to decide is the kind of people you want to date.

Are you only interested in dating other people in recovery, or would you prefer to date someone with no history of addiction?

In this article, we’re sharing lifehacks for sober dating, so you can find love in recovery.

Did you know that relationships are one of the biggest causes of relapse in early recovery?

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