Database cleaning updating

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Unnecessary spaces can make your communications look awkward, and take away the personalized feel of a seamless mail merge.Use the trim function to remove that spacing, and only keep the data that matters.Now that you’ve identified all of your bad data, it’s time to clean it with Excel.Here are some of our favorite Excel formulas that you can use to make your data as clean as possible.It’s important to approach your data strategy with both tools.Here’s what we’ll cover: And by the way, all of the tips we’ll cover are applicable for both Excel and Google Sheets.

Before we start identifying the bad data in your system, let’s start with the basics — what is bad data?

Use the proper function to rewrite names in a regular, uppercase style.

A lot of the capitalization errors in your system will come from your supporters themselves when they fill out a form on your website.

And although some of your constituents might like writing in ALL CAPS, it can sometimes make it look like you’re YELLING AT THEM when you use an all caps name in communications.

The formula will take into account names that have multiple uppercase letters (ex: Mc Donald), but you’ll want to spot check those names to make sure they’re correct.

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