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Mustafa and Yisha, both Muslims, and already married, were deeply in love and dreamt about an impossible future together.The fact that Mustafa was married did not represent a problem, since according to the Muslim religion men are allowed to have up to four wives.A boyfriend is good for your soul, except those who truth is that we did not have sexbut here and there! Schizophrenia: Psychosocial treatments and the role of psychosocial factors in its etiology and pathogenesis.

Their cognitive, social, and emotional skills have been described as deficient and characterized by looseness of association, distractibility, and inability to pay attention to and pick up interpersonal cues.The remaining two couples were interviewed together due to the inability of one of the partners to communicate in Hebrew.All the interviews were conducted in Hebrew, except for one which was conducted in interference to a minimum and waited until the end of the narrative to inquire about topics appearing in the interview guide which had not been addressed by the research participant.Although four participants had children from a prior marriage, Questions regarding physical attraction and sexual intercourse were included.Questions were asked about the extent to which the love experienced had influenced the partners daily living and future plans.

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