Dating and travelling together

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There is nothing in the Bible that directly says that Holidays together are wrong – and it not for me to tighten the protestant strings of your conscience till they vibrate wildly like some spectral zither. First of all, when unmarried couples take holidays together, buy big presents together and spend loads of disposable time together in an exclusive way – they are mimicking marriage. As Christians, they may not be having sex, but socially and in every other respect they are acting like a married couple.They put off real marriage for reasons of time, money or other things that usually aren’t that substantial. If this couple doesn’t end up married, but rather break-up, it will be a nightmare for them. Trips and vacations are something that serious couples do together.

Of course, if you aren't his first trip girl, you are going to feel a pang of jealousy, but then you let it go. What does matter is that he is with you now and the two of you are going to have a flipping fabulous time together. Maybe this could be something the two of you will enjoy so much that you start planning more trips, maybe one weekend trip each month, just so the two of you can have one great experience together after another. You are so excited that you feel like squealing and jumping up and down. As far as you are concerned, the trip could last forever, that is how ready you are for the next step in the relationship. Will there be sexy time or will we go on beach excursions or go on outdoor adventures until we head back and pass out on the hotel bed?

You probably won't have friends around or even family members.

It will just be you and him, figuring things out as you go.

Are we making a mistake by planning to go on this vacation?

In other words, are you and your man ready for something so new and different together?

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