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We hired an accountant when we arrived because you have zero chance to understanding the language. We had a child in the meantime, so we are staying until he gets to school.

Expats tell us about practicalities like renting a place and public transport, and their first impressions about Hungarian people and hospitality.It’s also a lot more difficult to find your way here.It was much easier to be an expat in Hungary ten or 15 years ago, when a wave of foreigners arrived to invest, work or ‘help’. The odd thing is it feels like Budapest’s foreign population is even larger now.However, even a few words of magyarul can open doors.” (Steven) “If you get outside of downtown Pest districts or nicer districts of Buda and you won’t find too many people comfortable speaking a language besides their native Hungarian, which is one of the toughest languages to learn due to its very complex grammar.This contributes to a lot of expats not hanging around.

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