Dating derby girl survival guide

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Bonus advice, if someone hands you a cooler off of their horse, PUT IT ON.

It may reek of horse and even be covered in hair, but when it’s freezing outside, it works great. Warning, Don’t Look at the Receipt Money isn’t a thing to horse girls unless it is for their horse. Horse Shows are Not Optional Horse girls expect their guys to be at EVERY horse show, unless you have a reasonable excuse that has been submitted within five to seven business days prior.

If you are going on a first date with someone and you guys are bringing friends along, you don’t want to be the person that brought their ugly friend. 2.) Down for the cause As a girly girl you must always be prepared for the unexpected.

With that in mind, you will need friends who are just as adventurous as you are.

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Growing up as a horse girl, it’s not uncommon to spend all day in the barn then coming home covered in hay, mud, or manure.

We usually smell so bad that by the end of the day we’ve became immune to our own aroma.

When we are not watching hours of videos of ourselves riding, critiquing every little angle and how our leg isn’t back enough, we are complaining of how broke we are and how we can’t afford to buy normal human things while not blinking as we pay for our horse(s) to get a pedicure with some fancy aluminum shoes. Usually, when men think of horse girls, they have this image of someone with tight jeans, tan skin, and someone who is abnormally clean with a face full of makeup on while driving a truck.

While that may be true, there is so much more that goes into being with a horse girl.

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