Dating diva adventures houston texas

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I could say the cliche “WOW, I can't believe it's been that long”…but that's expected, right?What's NOT expected is taking the time to talk about date ideas we've used to rekindle our marriage. You need to put in some work to build a solid foundation, and then you need to put in some work to plan things that will keep your marriage fresh and romantic and EXCITING. But somewhere along the way — probably between anniversary #3 and #8 — kids, bills, jobs, and lives took over. According to Arthur Aron, a professor of social psychology at the State University of New York, when you experience something new together, you actually ignite the same chemicals in your brain as what you felt in the early stages of your romantic love.Join a competitive wave and battle for a top finish and prize*. We’ll time your efforts (if you want), but there’s no pressure to finish fast, so have a great time as you run, walk, jog or slog your way to the finish. Different degrees of difficulty on some obstacles give you the chance to make the Dash as hard…or easy…as you want.Tackle tough obstacles that challenge or scare you. Sign up with your favorite ladies so you can be in the same starting wave. Tutus, boas, bling, and whatever other embellishments you can dream up are all the rage at the SHAPE Diva Dash.This was pretty much an awesome, memorable date day that had us exploring our local area while at the same time connecting over our love for learning about different cultures. Some places even have loosely set up culinary trails for people, such as South Lousiana's Boudin trail, or North Carolina's Moravian Trail, or exploring Pennsylvania's Amish German heritage.Ever wondered what to do on a date night…that's (Hint: these date nights were designed to take place completely at home. We’re talking an adventurous women-only 5K run dotted with obstacles sure to challenge your agility, balance, strength and speed.Jump, climb, swing, and DASH your way to the finish line, but do it your way.

Honestly, up until that point our date nights had been sporadic, and made up of spur-of-the-moment ideas (you know, the ‘ole, “you wanna go to the movies tonight? But I didn't know all of the studies that have been done that came to the same conclusion we did.

I mean, we met while he was a naval cryptologist in Japan, and I was studying abroad.

Together we've been to Japan, Austria, Alaska, and Cozumel (among other locations), and we have plans for lots more travel in our days.

For example, did you know that regular date nights protect your marriage from divorce? The Date Night Opportunity Report, which surveyed more than 1,600 married couples between the ages of 18 and 55, concluded, Hint: not married, but cohabitating?

The study found that “cohabiting women who spent couple time with their partner at least once per week were over four times more likely to be very happy in their cohabiting relationship than were cohabiting women who spent less time with their partner.”My husband and I just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.

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