Dating dreaming about another girl

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Here we will explain you the variation of kissing people have experienced before in their dreams and the possible meanings of them.

If you are a girl and dramed of yourself kissing a guy you know, it means that deep inside you want to start a relationship with that person and you also think he is interested in a relationship with you.

And I hope I do.i had a dream yesterday that my brother's friend we were at the school bus and he was seating in the front row right in front of me. I felt her lips, I've tasted it and then I suddenly woke up. I sat next to him and put my arm on his le as he pulled a blush face at me. later that night, i had a dream of us making out, but we've never kissed before. I dreamt of kissing my friend's wife whom she is my friend as well, it was so passionate and heart burning, i am married as well and my wife is her friend too, i had no previous desires towards her, can anyone help in this? We work at the same store and he's been trying to get with me however, it seem like he's nervous. Theres this cute coworker that I like who always says hello and bye to me all the time and we talk alot during work.

He was trying to talk to me, but he was babbling something in which i couldn't understand in the dream, then i realize that he was envading my face space and he leaned to kiss me. I had feelings for a girl when I was 12-15 years old. I don't remember what for but somebody won something and I said "YEAH HOORAY! Levi then pushed me to the ground and continued the kiss , best dream of 2015Idk.. In the dream,she had just finished her workshift and was going home,she saw and walked up to me and said bye Juan.

So if you don't believe that this relationship is right for you, I would talk to your boyfriend about it (WITHOUT bringing up the other guy - because again, it'll do nothing but hurt him).

Take some time to think about this, and above all else, be honest with yourself.

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