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But mate1 is still much better than the average dating site out there which are almost all full of fakers and scammers.

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It seemed to me to be more of a "penpal" or "collecting" of "likes" site, as I got zero dates.If you call them your always on hold for over 30 minutes before they finally pick up and the person that does answer must be the custodian can never get a straight answer......all were warned stay away they do not deliver. And u get messages from other states with phony numbers. I joined with a cheap trial membership just to see if this was real. I checked out 39 female profiles and 37 of the 39 profiles I did a deep dive on came back with FAKE photos that were pulled from other sources. This is so fake I think it's got to be criminal fraud on the part of the company. The sites gets you to sign up by sending emails stating you have messages.And then there not even other states all of a sudden u gets call from Ghana. When you go to the messages (after paying the fee) the messages are all Mate 1 match notices; no actual; real messages.Apparently, if you're looking for a site that is more of a hookup or a porno site, then I highly recommend this site. have talked to 2 women in the last 2 weeks - checked are code phone #s - one New York - one Oklahoma - 1 in Nigeria - 1 in Cyprus - after 4-6 days needed money for plane ticket to spend life with me cause they love me so much??????Have been with women for years that don't love me this much - SCAM A total scam do not. All profiles are fake from women in Ghana, Nigeria, Cypress, etc....

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