Dating in a relationship difference

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We often mistake true intimacy and connection with lust and a false sense of attachment felt after having sex with someone.The truth though is that you do not know someone after five dates and a couple of sex sessions. To learn who someone truly is, you need a lot more time spent of slowly getting to know them, again, throughout various situations and experiences.All of that aside, many claim that the moment of affixing a label to their relationship is when it becomes “official.” However, does this really make such a difference? Aren’t there romantic partners who, without these labels, act far more loving, respectful, and committed than any number of people with them?This happens frequently, if one merely surveys the relational landscape.For the reason that, again, you do not yet know this person.

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Is a boyfriend/girlfriend then the person you confide in?

The mistaking of labels, or even quick sex, as commitment.

Within the wide sweeping hookup culture of current day, people might meet on Tinder or at a bar, have sex within a few days of knowing one another, go out for drinks a couple times, watch a movie at each others apartment, have sex again, and then boom, they are now a couple.

Again though, can’t we also confide in close friends/family members/platonic other connections? So is it someone with whom you spend a lot of time?

Though there are probably a handful of people with whom you spend large chunks of time. And thus, a boyfriend or girlfriend is someone for whom you feel strongly? Equally as often though, people may not have such depth of feeling for their girlfriend/boyfriend, for any number of reasons.

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