Dating lawyers tips

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Few fields take more heat than the legal profession.

Lawyers are the butts of jokes the world over, with their integrity and trustworthiness being called into question in ways that every comedian has been able to repackage.

In order to bill that number of hours, they'll need to work 10 or 20 more, leading to some very long weeks for your dating partner and you.

The love of long hours is bred into lawyers early in the process.

To have a good relationship, you need to be able to work through problems.

This requires both partners to take on some responsibility and accept fault.

Know too that some lawyers will begin to indulge in soft drinks as a way of getting their caffeine fix during the day.

It's something about the excitement and adrenaline of legal practice that makes lawyers want to fill their veins with the new blend from Starbucks.

Think of it as a new way of seeing things that can lend some insight to your own life.Lawyers are paid to argue, whether it's in spoken form or in their written briefs.They are paid to come up with different angles on things, and being agreeable in the legal field can sometimes get a person fired.If you find the right lawyer, you may have a gem on your hands who can lead you to a life of happiness.Just make sure you are prepared for dating a lawyer.

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