Dating lead capture questions

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Considering we’d just sat through two and a half hours of probing questions, it wasn’t as hard as I thought, but it was still awkward AF.

I’m not sure the small talk made things easier, since we both knew whatever superficial dumb questions I lobbed at him about dogs were just there to distract the both of us.

, I thought to myself before the date as I stuffed my bra with an extra ankle sock (for lift, not volume, and it’s not cheating).

When I arrived, 25 minutes late despite living eight minutes away, I was worried I’d have pissed him off. Matthew was a perfect gentleman, waiting patiently by a table with the app version of the questions at the ready.

If you’re meant to be, the questions might speed it up, but if you’re just not compatible, those differences will come out sooner rather than later.

I didn’t see anything saying we couldn’t talk during the last four minutes of eye-contact so I asked him about dogs while we both tried to not break.

I’ve been known to pull up zodiac compatibility on first dates.

We quickly realized it was fairest to alternate who would answer first.But the same time, if I was so stoked on not having to flirt, wasn’t that a red flag?The same sexless reason I had enjoyed doing the questions also underlined the fact that I didn’t really feel a ton of physical chemistry.This isn’t to say I’m needy, but yeah, it’s because I’m needy.As much as I love drama, the thought of knowingly signing up for a bunch of unread text messages feels exhausting even to me.

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