Dating melony

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When Alyssa receives shocking news as destruction rains down upon Earth, her world is thrust into turmoil, and she finds herself in the one place she never wanted to be.Can Alyssa save herself and her future with Sebastian on a peaceful planet, or will Kayn destroy her life and take over the world? The year is 2020, and Earth is embroiled in a worldwide war.

How about one more #Dancing On Ice skating pair announcement before bed?Can Sebastian find a way to survive the chaos of a world seemingly at peace?Or will his hidden scars lead him to his own grave?She just never imagined she would find her only chance to uncover the truth through Sebastian, an intensely attractive rebel leader.Alyssa must make her choice: cling to the remnants of her life with Kayn, or side with the rebels… Alyssa Rose refuses to let humanity succumb to an alien dictatorship, but Commander Kayn won’t give up his claim on Earth… Amidst protests and riots, the rebel coalition persists in spreading the truth about the aliens.

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