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Once the blue circle reaches the white circle and stops moving, the damage it deals is significantly increased.

You’ll want to ensure that you get to safety, before the blue circle reaches its stopping point and begins to deal increased damage.

The first circle’s center point is randomly generated at the beginning of every match, and is unveiled a few minutes into the game.

The playzone is referenced in two ways on your map, a static white circle, and a moving blue circle.

As a general rule, the more yellow buildings in a given area, the more loot.

The size of your group should dictate the types of areas you decide to land at.

In squad games it's generally best to land in larger cities to ensure that everyone in your group will be adequately equipped once the first circle starts closing in.

The map also displays all of the major roads on the island, you can use this to your advantage in that cars have a very high chance to spawn alongside roads.

From one side to the other, these yellow grid squares represent one kilometer of distance.The map will show you what direction the plane is heading and allow you to begin planning your jump from the moment the game begins.The map itself displays almost no topographical markings, meaning it’s close to impossible to tell what areas may have hills or elevated terrain around them, this is something you’ll have to learn first-hand by playing the game.This pin will show up in the placed location for you, as well as anyone in your duo or squad games, and is a very useful tool when communicating with other players.You can also press Insert (by default) to drop a pin at your current location.

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