Dating to relating book review

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Arthur’s state-sponsored treatment is providing little relief, and that’s before the practice is shuttered.

Living in a shabby apartment block with his infirm mum, and getting nowhere as a stand-up comedian, Arthur is treated with contempt or outright hostility by nearly everyone he encounters for being the way he is. Rubbish is piling up on street corners, ‘super rats’ are having their fill and Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen) is running for mayor.

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In one of the film’s more unusual, but inspired, choices, Arthur erupts into serene solo dance routines after moments of extreme trauma – a kind of calm after the storm – sequences shot so exquisitely by Do P Lawrence Sher that he makes Arthur gyrating in a grotty men’s bog look idyllic.Simply put, Gotham is a powder keg and the Joker is perfectly placed to light the fuse.It should come as little surprise that Phoenix is staggeringly good here.Finally, rightly or not, the iconic imagery of Pearl Harbor shows signs of becoming symbolically connected to that of September 11.Rosenberg concludes with an entirely appropriate prediction: Based on the successful manipulation of Pearl Harbor over the years, history and memory will continue to clash on other cultural battlefields, confronting Americans with multiple meanings of 9/11.

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