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When a video is placed on Youtube it is automatically re-compressed by their computers into a variety of size dimensions and codec formats for distribution and over the years to save bandwidth costs Youtube has been compressing things into ever smaller packages so aggressively that at this point a typical SD (480p) DVD rental from Netflix usually looks better than a typical 'HD' video downloaded from Youtube.The reason for this is because DIMENSIONS and DETAIL are actually completely different and independent things. size' is the web page you are looking at right now.And if you care to learn some benefits and compromises of the various compression formats on Youtube, click HERE. =8^D IMPORTANT: Please send me your feedback and feel free to forward this page to anybody who may be interested. In the future (if you like the plan) I will add an additional symbol on the left of each title for downloading each video in larger, more detailed format as an additional alternative to Youtube's files. Fans who visit here could be charged a fee for the bandwidth, paid to you and the artists in part as profit. The RESULT is the DVD image looks MUCH smoother than the Youtube download.

all the 'alphabet soup' of codec technology can confuse but but in the end it is surprising MP3 still sounds better than them at a given bit rate above about 128Kbps.

In other words they do not plan to address these quality issues, just continue compressing things even more aggressively.

With VP9 you get more blur instead of more 'blockyness'. Increasing the bit rate is more important =) Audio is another issue.

It's not really 'HD' in the 'spirit' of the term (what people typically 'expect' it to be, like a 'Blu-Ray' disk), but merely adheres to the 'frame size' specification.

To illustrate this point with a video example, please download the HD video linked below from Youtube...

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