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She is a post-modern version of Shakespeare’s Puck, spinning the threads of economic and romantic life into a terrifying fable about our narcissistic, dysfunctional era.In , Puck did not engineer happy endings for the lovers right away: He pushed them into the forest, sprinkled fairy dust on them, watched the shenanigans, and then paired them off.Having never really dated a rich guy, sexual attraction beats money for her every time. “And the money person is the person who doesn’t care about looks.And there’s a reason I say that because there’s no gray line.Although there are always a select few who get lucky, most women don’t stand a chance.“Women need to get out of New York City,” Stanger says of the east coast.After meeting both millionaires, Patti feels that Chris would benefit from dating a women closer to his own age and Daniel needs to stop with the incessant name-dropping and date a girl who isn't impressed by who's walking down the red carpet in front of them.

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And being nicer certainly helps this season when the matchmaker is matched.Getting looks and money together is really the chupacabra. That’s a hard thing to find.” Whether you favor looks or money, Stanger recommends her Top 5 Dating Rules: No matter what dating laws you choose to abide by, passion should be everyone’s number one priority. Stanger's former employees explain that they want to reconcile so they can all work together again. I don't want to be friends with them." "I do have something for them," she says as she pretends to reach into her jacket pocket. "We miss her and we want our family back," Destin declares. "I have a big fat this (as she holds up her censored middle finger)." "What do you think we're just going to hug it out ...

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