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This location was expected to be made part of the multiplayer mode years ago, but nothing was ever revealed about its inclusion.

So there will be plenty of hype surrounding what will be included in this upcoming DLC release.

Go behind the scenes with Fizz TV as celebrities party it up.

From predictions shared by data miners and news from Rockstar themselves, it seems we could see the next big expansion arrive in July 2019.Some fans are speculating that horse races could be part of the activities, along with being able to buy a stake in the Casino itself.Rockstar Games like to share the big details about their multiplayer expansions before they are released, meaning we could hear something very soon.It was also confirmed that the GTA 5 Casino would have a release date “later this summer”.Rockstar will need to balance their plans with Red Dead Online, which is also scheduled to get a new update soon.

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