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First, I want to know what YOU think:(Spoiler alert)NO. He’ll reciprocate and you’ll live happily ever after.Don’t ever tell a guy you like him first.(Unless you are absolutely sure that he likes you too and no one else! But: If you are not completely sure that your crush likes you too, and has about the same feelings for you as you do for him, you are facing an embarrassing and irreversible REJECTION.Just like being dumped through a text is much worse than being dumped face to face, being rejected over text is worse than in person.(👉 Read: )Fortunately, there are dozens of crazy simple ways to show your crush that you like him, without actually saying it and facing rejection.You can get the message through, loud and clear, without confessing your undying love and without destroying any chance for a relationship if he doesn’t feel the same yet.

He already knows your favorite color, and he understands your personal views of the future.

But after being rejected, you won’t sit around, looking at him with puppy eyes and wait for him to change his mind. I know it’s annoying, and completely odd that in the 21st-century guys still need the chase to develop romantic feelings. But at least don’t make it completely effortless for them, by telling them you like them.

If you an exceptionally confident girl/woman, who knows her worth, does not live through her ego and can handle rejection easily – Go ahead, confess away. Because even though you can’t see him when he opens your text, at some point you WILL see him.

Unless we are extremely confident with loads of self-esteem – repeated rejection can scar us for life – making us afraid of the future and our capability to have a stable relationship.

If you've used the phrase "Oh, he's just my friend!

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