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My Eclipse validates XML files every time I save a file and it takes a while to validate them. The XML files are not under any Source folder build path in Eclipse, they are auto generated by Smart GWT under src/main/webapp/[Gwt Module]/sc Also all these XML files are marked with the error "Content is not allowed in prolog" and every time I run the project I have to confirm that I want to run the project with errors though there are none (and everything works fine).

I tried Suspending all Validators under Eclipse - XML to be validated, and others not.

Then right-click the same files/folder again and click on "Validate", which will remove the errors with a confirmation.

The WSDL validator provides, as you should expect, the ability to validate WSDL documents (as of WTP 1.5.2, WSDL 1.1 documents).

(The message element must have a name.) Xerces will produce an error, which the WSDL validator will output.

The following WSDL document is validated: In this case the WSDL validator will fail at step 3 because the document is not valid according to the WSDL semantic rules defined by the WSDL 1.1 specification.

I've made some research and it looks like it's happening because of some Eclipse wsdl-validation bug, explained here Some guy there claims that he fixed this error with patch, and I've applied it, but the error stays and I'm starting to think that there's some problem with my wsdl file itself. WSDL validation can be thought of as a three step process: 1. (That is, ensure all tags are properly nested and closed.) 2. The WSDL validator handles validation according to the 4 step process defined above.Steps 1 and 2 are both delegated to Apache Xerces (and XML parser).Each step must pass in order for the next step to run.Here are a few examples: The following WSDL document is validated: In this case the WSDL validator will fail at step 1 because the document is not well formed.

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