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If you’re running newer versions of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7, then everything will work fine.It’s only with older versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, etc.When you use the New Name parameter, this option is set automatically.This option is designed to be used with the Rename-Computer cmdlet.

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# get the credential $cred = get-credential # enter the computer in the right place Add-Computer -Domain Name EPFL -Credential $cred -OUPath "..., DC=epfl, DC=ch" # rename the computer with credential (because we are in the domain) $Computer = Get-Wmi Object Win32_Computer System $r = $Computer. Which is the time they read the computer name, so if you were to rename the computer without a restart, the network and application services would not respond to the new computer name.$str Comp Name = Read-host 'Name ' $str Admin = read-host "Authorized user for this operation " $str Domain = read-host "Name of the domain to be joined " add-computer -Domain Name $str Domain -Credential $str Admin Rename-computer -newname $str Comp Name -Domain Credential $str Admin -Domain Name = Your domain name (e.g. -New Name = What you want to rename the computer (e.g. corp.local) -Computer Name = Name of your local computer (e.g. CORP-ANNE-TX) -Credentials = Your admin credentials that give you authorization to perform this action (e.g. A dialog box will appear to put in your password) In two-steps: Step 1 As nobody answer, I try something : I think I understand why Attent one does not work. Interaction]:: Input Box("Enter Desired Computer Name ") $computername.rename("$name") #Now Join to Domain Add-Computer -Domain Name [domainname] -Credential [user\domain] -Verbose Restart-Computer Here is another way to do with "Computer Name/Domain Change" Windows of System Properties. Forms System Properties Computer Name start-sleep –Seconds 1 [Microsoft. Interaction]:: App Activate(“System Properties”) [System. Previously, I wrote an article about what would happen if you had two computers with the same IP address on the same network: an IP address conflict.However, what happens when you have two computers with the same name on a network?

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