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released also the script for extracting the files of Need for Speed: Shift nothing new, if the input file has an invalid signature the tool asks if you want to continue its handling which "could" be useful in some very very rare cases where the signature is damaged and even the original programs can't read them better documentation of the format and added options for listing and filtering the files and an experimental one for rebuilding the archive if the version of the game no longer allows the loading of the files from its folder added the -f option which must be manually enabled on both the endpoints and activates a particular mode where multiple files are sent faster (because there is no need to send the confirmation byte for each file) and added the rc4 encryption with -c solved the wrong chunk size implemented from the archives of version 7, anyway only the texture archive (*_tx.ttarch) of the last 2 games of Tell Tale had this problem so all the other files weren't affected updated almost all the advisories and proof-of-concepts to match the build version 3933 which is the latest known release of the Source engine and which is used in games like Orangebox and Team Fortress 2.

Only the sourcenotvnull vulnerability doesn't affect this build added the handling of the tcpdump files (the sniffed sessions generated by wireshark), added the authomatic decompression of the zipped authentication data when is not used the -f option (so in visualization mode only) and allowed the visualization of the data which is not-encrypted solved a bug in ttarch_meta_crypt where in some rare cases was decrypted an additional block of the file corrupting it, added some additional fields in the rebuilding of files of version 2, added the usage of ttarch_meta_crypt also in rebuild mode otherwise some files looked corrupted, in extraction now the offsets of the non-compressed archives are showed as absolute (so 00112233 instead of 0 for the first file) substituited the memmove function with a manual one to avoid the possible senseless memmove bug (the job of memmove is just copying the data byte per byte but for some unknown reasons in rare occasions it could corrupt part of the data) added support for the first chapter of Tales of Monkey Island and Muzzled, now the files are decrypted only when the -m option is enabled for logical reasons, added an option for forcing only the decryption and the encryption of the input file (debug) added option -F which creates the pipe file \.\pipe\ventrcon (/tmp/ventrcon_pipe on linux) so that any program on the same machine can send commands to ventrcon simply writing them in that file, added the -C option for caching the ventrilo 3.x keys (mainly useful for debugging) an experimental and very basic project I created as a test various months ago and which uses a simple way to recognize and limit the players from the same IP address, released also a modified version which allows to choose the maximum number of players (3 by default) added support for the GBI files used in g Burner which are identical to DAA except for some microscopical lame changes, anyway the 99% of the GBI files online are just renamed DAA files so the previous version of daa2iso already worked with them perfectly the only change in this release is the possibility to re-encrypt the file because ARCA Sim Racing seems to need it, for the rest the new major version has been used because now the usage/syntax of the tool is like the one of rfactordec and wtcced added the -L option for placing the list of files in a file, added the -D option for using decimal notation internally, optimized the For command, gained some milliseconds from myitoa, added the experimental commands for implementing recursive functions (Start, Call and End Function) fixed the handling of some numbers (signed integers and shifting are not friends), the letters between ' are now considered numbers (so 'a' is 0x61), now in Get/Put Var Chr is possible to specify also the size of the number through an optional parameter and added: LZX, Binary and Base Name types, Bytes Read and Not EOF internal variables (they are used in Multi Ex), handling of elif and else (very useful), a new optional parameter in Find Loc to avoid to terminate the script if the string is not found, various new String operators, Get Array and Put Array functions which can be used to work on some temporary dynamic arrays (useful in some occasions), Quick BMSver command which allows to specify the minimum version of Quick BMS supported by that script added the -k option which allows to specify a custom key or the name of a game which uses a custom key and is supported by wtcced, this is needed to decrypt/encrypt the files of "Volvo The Game" (example: wtcced -k volvo new.gmt) added the handling of the return values of the myproxocket plugins for the functions myconnect, mybind, mysend and mysendto for allowing the user to skip the calling of the original functions (for example don't sending a packet if its content doesn't match our criteria) and added the function mysocket for hooking the socket function tons of speed improvements and memory and code optimizations, added the double console gui mode (works from command-line if started from the console or with a minimal gui if double-clicked), when the tool asks to overwrite an existent file now is possible to use "a" or "all" for overwriting them automatically, added multiple memory files (MEMORY_FILE, MEMORY_FILE2, MEMORY_FILE3 and so on), added a TEMPORARY_FILE which is nothing else than a file with this name which is saved also in list mode, all numeric variables are saved in hexadecimal, File XOR and File ROT13 now accepts also a variable as argument, added support for various encryption algorithms (aes, blowfish, des, 3des, rc4 and xtea), added the Print command which allows to show a message at runtime and various other enhancements and fixes other than new BMS examples like the one which acts as base for the games which use the TTARCH format (remember that each game has its own key which must be specified in the script) added the handling of the x86 filter in the LZMA decompression, this is absolutely useless in this case because the LZMA chunks in the UIF images don't use such filter but it's good for being 100% compatible with the format added the explode (pkware data compression library), gzip and lzma (included handling of the x86 header and decoder) compressions, the filename of any opened file is saved and can be read from inside the scripts (example: get NAME filename 1), added the Padding command, some small enhancements and bugfixes of the code this tool is a scripts based files extractor compatible with the BMS language.

note that this version is NO longer compatible with the previous one!

updated the compression and crc scanner to match the new amount of algorithms added the -c option that allows to guess and dump the chunked files, option -D to specify dictionary, -d to visualize the hexdump of the data before and after the compressed streams, statistics information, offset where the compressed streams ends, amount of bytes between the current compressed stream and the previous one, zlib header and crc information, updated extensions guesser (strnicmp fix for Linux) most of the global variables now have a g_ prefix, new Name CRC instruction for working with list of filenames, support for full scripts passed as command-line argument (';' separated), support for C NULL delimited arrays like short var[], many new crc/hash algorithms for the encryption and namecrc commands, added basename/filepath/filename comparisons for conditions, fix for math x with big numbers, added Set filepath, String P mode to use the same syntax of the Print command, enhancement of the Comtype dictionary to allow data containing zeroes, added new compression and recompression algorithms, mpq encryption, fix for the prs compression, more information when a read and compression error occurs, option -M for extracting only the files different than those available in another folder, no folders creation with -0 and -O, QUICKBMS_FILENAME internal variable, updated some libraries, zlib_noerror and deflate_noerror automatically increase the uncompressed size if needed (they use the same code of unzip_dynamic), Xmemdecompress with automatic decompression of Xbox files compressed with xbcompress (lzxdecode and lzxnative), lzma_dynamic with automatic scanning of the flags in case of failure, small fix for some gzip files, other small fixes and improvements, support for C enum, idstring information in -V mode, visualization of the last script line that caused the error, updated some libraries like lzma ZDI-12-163/ZDI-11-232, ZDI-12-114, ZDI-12-115, ZDI-12-100, ZDI-12-133, ZDI-12-148, ZDI-12-033, ZDI-11-351, ZDI-11-345, ZDI-11-329, ZDI-11-330, ZDI-11-320, ID954, ID953, ID973, ID974, ID975, ZDI-11-262, ZDI-11-263, ZDI-11-264, ZDI-11-245, ZDI-11-246, ZDI-11-235, ZDI-11-171, ZDI-11-170, ZDI-11-160, ZDI-11-161, ZDI-11-162, ZDI-11-163, ZDI-11-164, ZDI-11-165, ZDI-11-166, ZDI-11-156 (the material has been released as-is) review and better writing of quickbms.txt, source code extension H to C, -a can be specified multiple times for new arguments, new argument for the Append command to choose when and how write the new data, added new names for String operators, Endian can save the current endianess in a variable, Get line works even if there is no new line delimiter at end of file, last offset visualized when a compression fails, additional arguments for String printf, fix for base64_compress that wasn't handled, added comtype lz4_compress, new behavior of Debug command, base_offset argument for Padding command, negative index variable for get/putarray for taking and storing elements at the end of array, a positive value in goto SEEK_END is automatically converted in negative to seek correctly, fix for the filenames ending with .

for the moment this is an experiment so I will know if it works or not only in the next weeks/months.

the alternatives were protecting the single zip files or removing the executables fixed a bug in the reimporting in case of filenames starting with slash/backslash, added the RCN recompression, allowed the usage of the secure free() with non secure allocated memory (otherwise it's not possible to free memory allocated by external libraries) now that my proof-of-concept is out (yeah is the poc written by Microsoft in November 2011 using the example packet I sent to ZDI) I have decided to release my original advisory and proof-of-concept packet written the ...

full-disclosure as usual :) added some new compression algorithms, optimization and customization of the secure allocation functions (they can be disabled using the option -9, needed in some occasions due to some limitations of this feature), fixed a bug that specified an input folder in case of selection of multiple files my website is and has ever been from the 2006 so check your bookmarks because lately aluigi.has continuos problems (temporary up & down from about 2 weeks).

note that it's a backup/mirror website that I switch as primary when needed so using you will catch ever the working website or alternatively mirror.if the main one fails modified to meet the *printf %n out-of-standard in use from Windows Vista, it's a shame that I must modify a perfectly working program for this reason moreover because the tool is linked to and not 8.0 or 9.0...

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