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The Pediatrician's question and answer session was extremely informative and helpful."Jessica, Class attendee“This was such a great class and really opened my eyes to topics I was unsure about.

I didn’t think we would be covering so much useful information in such a short amount of time.

On my many hours reading websites, forums and personal blogs that other women have written about their experiences, feelings and hopes on ANR, the subject of lactation (or re-lactation) has come up so often that I feel I need to throw my thoughts into the ring.

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Ideally, between weeks 32 and 34 of your pregnancy is the perfect time to take a class. Riverside Medical Group offers this one-day class free for expectant parents; we will also provide free lunch or dinner. For any other questions contact email [email protected]"The class covered everything that I expected.

If you’re very close to your due date, please call us to see if there are cancellations in an upcoming class where you might fit in. We encourage participants to reserve their seats as early as possible, as many families will want to take advantage of this opportunity and space is limited. I appreciated the guidance and the instructor answered all my questions.

By the second trimester of pregnancy colostrum, a thick yellowish fluid, begins to be produced in the alveoli and continues to be produced for the first few days after birth until the milk "comes in", around 30 to 40 hours after delivery.

Oxytocin contracts the smooth muscle of the uterus during birth and following delivery, called the postpartum period, while breastfeeding.

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