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You will always know what triggered the motion or sound sensors.The Nest Cam Indoor is the best indoor camera available to keep you and your family safe.It would be nice if the video could stream at 60 fps but 30 fps isn’t too shabby.The quality is still rather impressive at 1920x1080p resolution.The Amcrest Pro HD has a viewing angle of 90° diagonal.This is the main reason besides a few ease-of-use points that make the Amcrest Pro HD come in second behind the Nest Cam Indoor.

On top of programmability, the actual hardware and functionality of the product are top-tier.The reality of indoor security cameras is that they don’t keep burglars away from just existing. What indoor security cameras do well is ensure your family is safe from more than just burglars.Keeping tabs on your family can be important, especially with younger children.If you want to take it a step further, which most people do, then you probably want an actual security camera.Home security cameras and camera systems serve as an extra layer of protection when it comes to home security.

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