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This wasn’t unusual becuase me and bob knew each other for about 3 years, as I walked down stairs into the kitchen, Linda was there, she was about 5 foot, curvy, brown hair, and g cups, I swear they were massive.‘Some pregnant women love having their breasts touched because they’re more sensitive, while others hate it,’ says Petra.

Pregnancy is a great chance to talk about what you both like, and appreciate that while some mums-to-be feel more adventurous and sexy, some feel more shy and body conscious.

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Yeah that’s the area, so I was just hanging out there.I grinned a bit and tried to leave but, due to the fact that I’m a ‘girl’ right now they won’t take “no” for an answer.Embraces of more than fleshin our romantic pantomimethis is to me Making love for the first time I Surrender - Kou's Story--------------------“ I… I still don’t know what happened to me, but if you’d listen to my story… maybe you can help me?If she’s more sensitive than usual, try a lighter touch during foreplay and see how you get on.My friends mom, “Linda” was cooking some chips for us to eat, as she called my freind down, “bob”, he tol me to see what she wanted.

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