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Young Ryan Choi was a prodigy of his nation of Hong Kong.

Choi was always advanced for his age, and while still relatively young, Choi received his doctorate.

An expert in physics, Choi became a colleague of Dr.

Ray Palmer, and the two frequently communicated their newest theories, with Palmer become somewhat of a mentor for Choi.

The series lasted for 25 issues, though not without creative changes: Keith Champagne would take over for Gail Simone as writer with issue #19, and Byrne would leave the series after issue #3.

Choi’s death was controversial, with some citing racist reasons for killing off a prominent Asian super-hero. Martin Campbell, who referred to themselves as the “ Lighter Than Air Society.” On his first day, Choi caught the eye of student Amanda Turner, who found Choi attractive.Choi, the “All-New Atom,” was created by writer Gail Simone, with input from Grant Morrison.Morrison originally wrote a 12-page outline on a redesigned Atom, but his commitments to the ongoing weekly series 52 prevented him from having an active hand in their realization.Ivy University Dean Mayland believed that, due to the earlier physics and time experiments of Ray Palmer and Dr.Alpheus Hyatt, the nexus of reality of Ivy Town became warped.

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