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give her a high-five, use your arm to “accidentally” touch her breasts, etc.) If she reciprocates you touching her, you know it’s 100% on. Excessive eye contact only indicates sexual tension.

Now you can pay more attention to her eyes: If her eyes dilate, that means she is attracted to you for sure.

Is it true that women from different cultures give different signals when they are attracted to men? (consultant from a Latvian women dating website) answers this question.* Generic signals that women from all cultures give include proximity and smiling.

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If she starts to ignore her friends and give you more attention at the party, that only means she likes you a lot, because most women wouldn’t ditch their friends for a guy that they don’t know well. You can further test a Latvia woman by touching her in a subtle way (e.g. If she holds eye contact for much longer than most people, that is definitely a green light, because most people wouldn’t maintain eye contact for too long with someone they have just met.You may find it difficult to notice this, but once you see her eyes become wider and bigger, that means the chemistry between you two has a capital C. If she finds excuses to initiate a conversation with you, it’s on. When a lady from Latvia asks you for directions or ask the time, usually that means she likes you. Another example is when a girl stands near you in a supermarket looking at nothing in particular for a long period of time.That means she wants you to initiate a conversation with her.

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