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I also like Kajol’s softness and her smile, she is too brilliant I respect her a lot. I believe Journalists need to be reminded of their role to provide accurate, reliable and timely news about actors. Eyes, because they never lies and it reflects what you're within. If you could invite one actor over dinner, who could it be?

I hate when someone starts a baseless rumor like I am dating or can't stand my co-star etc. Rajeev Khandelwal and his wife Manjiri, they recently started their new journey of marriage filled with love.

He has a flattering female fan following who are attracted towards his charismatic identity.

He is currently seen playing the male lead character of Mohan Galla in Imagine TV 'Dharampatni. Cosmetic enhancement na baba na I don’t even want threading my eyebrows.

It was also said that she was dating Harshad Chopra for a while.However, the situation becomes a little complicated when the relationships end and the next partner is also from the TV industry.Roaming in the same circle, we wonder what they do when their ex and present partners are both TV stars and bump into each other in parties and worse, end up working in the same show.They even went to Hong Kong to celebrate their birthdays, as their birthdays fall one day after the other.Remember Rizwan, he is the same guy who was earlier linked up with soap queen Ekta Kapoor. Bachav’s profile on one of the professional networking site says he was earlier associated with Lehman brother and Nomura as Senior Analyst and Associate respectively. All our efforts to reach Rizwan went in vain, we got in touch with Additi but she asked us to call later.

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