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You can change a background image, page layout, and fonts, modify header and navigation buttons, add your logo, etc.If you’re interested in a more advanced customization, you can add custom CSS, Java Script, and HTML pages.When you enter the internet dating market, be prepared for a severe competition.To increase your chances to succeed, start with defining your niche.As soon as you have a domain name, choose one of the dating website templates provided by Ning.By doing so, you will set the basic design theme for your site.Decide what kind of audience you are going to work with.

All Paid users can message and post and they also have added benefits.Visual appearance is very important for dating websites as it is the first thing a user pays attention to before deciding whether to stay or not.After you decide on the template, you can proceed to customize your website further.When you have a basic clientele to work with, you can start introducing monetization on your website.Steadily, if your site is doing well, you will get a wider range of options to increase your revenues.

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